Since 1999 our Nationwide Network of Flat Fee MLS Brokers List Homes in the Realtors MLS for $299-$499 and there is No Hidden Listing Commission !
Use the Flat Fee MLS to list your home in the Realtor's MLS for a REAL Flat Listing Fee of just $299 to $499 instead of paying a listing commission.  Prices vary by geographic area but you can get the price and terms for your area BEFORE you order.
This FLAT FEE MLS Listing option uses the same Realtor's MLS other Brokers charge a 3% Listing commission to list your home in (total commission is usually around 6% and is split between the Listing Broker and the Broker finding the buyer).  Why pay a 3% Listing Commission when according to most commonly quoted statistical reports the Listing Agents generally sell their own listings less than 5% of the time?
With the FLAT FEE MLS option you just offer Buyers Agents a contingent commission paid at closing if they find the buyer.
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, there is No Hidden Listing Commission!  Your Listing Broker does NOT keep any of the contingent Buyers Agent commission you offer for themselves like other services offering what they call a flat fee service do.
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you also keep the Option to sell your home yourself and avoid paying that Buyers Agent commission.
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, the Broker providing your service will complete submission of your MLS listing in just one to two business days after your order is completed. 
With the FLAT FEE MLS option, you can order online in Minutes or print all the forms to fax/mail in.  There is No Waiting for a SALESMAN to call to tell you what the Real Deal is or to spend a week getting the fine print to review AFTER you have already paid only to find out the REAL DEAL is a LOT different than you were told.  NO SALESMAN will call you to try and sell you something else.
If you want TRADITIONAL FULL SERVICE from your Listing Realtor, we even offer a program to get FULL PROFESSIONAL service but Sell Your Home FREE!.  This is a great option to save money for more Traditional Sellers or those who need more assistance negotiating their contracts.

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